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To have clients of Parnassia Group follow the 2-year MBO-4 training to become experience experts, financed by an entrepreneur.

In order for clients to be able to start the training, €5000.00 per student is needed. This investment can be paid for by you as an entrepreneur, in this way you can meet (part of) your SROI obligation.
Experiential experts are increasingly in demand within healthcare and Parnassia Group has clients who want to study. For the recovery of the client this is a huge opportunity: going back to school, studying and gaining internship experience within Parnassia Group before they start working as experience experts.
There is a very high chance that the client who finishes the training as an expert by experience, will be offered a job within Parnassia Group. There are vacancies and the demand for experts by experience is increasing (also at other healthcare institutions). The sustainable training and deployment of experts by experience is an addition to recovery-oriented care and contributes to social return and corporate social responsibility.

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