A learn-work hub for young people from vulnerable backgrounds

The Rotterdam Douwers has been active for almost 6 years as a mentoring project in Rotterdam with by now more than 400 Douwers and more than 300 young people in the process. Work is central to our approach: work means income, structure, network and self-confidence. These young people are prone to or have debts, problems choosing and completing a good education. It is difficult for them to find their way to institutions in the field of housing, finance and health. In many cases they lack a good social and/or business network to support them in making choices in work and education.

From the Rotterdam Douwers a social company is founded: the Rotterdam Douwers. This to create their own learning-working hub to guide these young people to work.

Project description

To enable 40 young people, mostly from a benefit situation, to return to the labour market through mentoring, with the prospect of a contract of employment with a fixed income.

Project description:
The project 'Rotterdamse Sjouwers' will function as a learning-working place for young people who are supervised by the 'Rotterdam Douwers'. Currently there are more than 300 young people in trajectory in which often one or more problems in the living areas such as housing & work play a central role. The mentor (who we call Douwer), with the support of cooperating partners such as the municipal credit bank, administrators, psychologists and housing corporations, ensures stability in these areas and determines together when and to what extent the young person is ready for the step to work. Background and experience are not selection criteria for the Rotterdam Sjouwers, presence and enthusiasm are.
The entire project obviously has several success factors if young people complete the course. The Rotterdam Scribblers stand for work. And that has an important reason: work means income, structure and daytime activities, new networks (often a bottleneck to grow out of your old world) and self-confidence; if this development is realized, the young people will also score better in other areas of life such as housing, health and therefore also income, which ensures making better choices.

Currently there are 300 young people in the program, most of whom are looking for structural work or an improvement of their position in the labor market. By training employee skills and introducing the youth to other industries and support in all areas of life, we can realize that there is more motivation to work. The result is: motivated employees and enthusiastic employers.

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Rotterdamse Sjouwers

Rotterdamse Douwers

  • 01-10-2021
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