Paving the way to work for 10 female newcomers

She Matters is a social enterprise whose mission is to empower companies with diverse talent and help highly skilled female newcomers find employment. The path to employment begins with our Lotus Flower Program, an intensive program in partnership with multinational companies such as Nike, that provides our participants with optimal job preparation with future-proof digital skills and female mentorship.

Project description

Many unemployed female newcomers have at least an HBO/WO degree, but are unable to find work that matches their education or work experience. With your contribution, you support 1 program cycle of the Lotus Flower Program, through which we optimally prepare 10 female newcomers for the job market in 9 weeks. They learn future-proof digital skills (e.g. data science, Python), work on their physical and mental condition and get a female mentor. The participants are accompanied during the program by the workshop facilitators and female mentors from our business partners, and our project manager and project assistant meet with them weekly to provide them with full support. After the women have successfully completed the program, She Matters BV takes over, a social venture that focuses exclusively on the graduates of the Lotus Flower Program and helps them find a job that is fully tailored to their profile.

She Matters is a sustainable, locally driven solution in Rotterdam that increases economic opportunities for highly educated female newcomers, strengthens their communal resilience and provides them with future-proof skills and ultimately employment. In this way, we enrich our society and release great potential for our economy.

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  • 01-10-2021
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