Rijless is more: getting 12 people to work as driving instructors

Hotspot Hutspot makes many kilometers a year. Besides our restaurant in Schiedam, we run our crisis catering in Rotterdam. We collect food waste and together with our volunteers in the kitchen we turn it into fresh meals and food packages. Five times a week we deliver these to people who cannot provide for themselves. We deliver meals all over Rotterdam and Schiedam, over 1000 units per week.

Project description

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, we now want to make more impact with the same mileage: Our volunteers in the kitchen are in a vulnerable position, often on benefits, and have insufficient means to obtain a driver's license. This prevents them from finding work in promising sectors such as logistics and technology, where there is a huge shortage of people.

Rijless is more wants to change that: We convert 2 of our cars into teaching cars and invest in training 2 participants to become driving instructors. They will work as self-employed workers at Hotspot Hutspot to teach 10 other participants how to drive while delivering meals. In addition to helping the instructors set up their own business as self-employed persons, Hotspot Hutspot guides the participants in the development of their skills and self-reliance and in finding a suitable job after obtaining the pink paper. This is how we get more out of a kilometer: Rijless is more!

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  • 01-10-2021
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