Driving your own future: 10 women executive chauffeurs

Mama Foundation aims to strengthen the economic independence of women with a clear distance to the labor market. These women are on the sidelines of society and often receive benefits.
Mama's goal is to provide women (Mama's) with a future without benefits through education and job creation. We strive to get the Mama's to participate in work with dignity. By doing so, we bring them into contact with society - and thus out of their social isolation - with the goal of making them financially self-sufficient.
Mama Foundation supports women of all nationalities who are motivated to no longer depend on benefits. We support them in their self-development by offering training and creating employment opportunities.

Project description

To achieve this, Mama Foundation offers an intensive high-quality education program called Driving Your Own Future. The Mama's who successfully complete the education program (and thus obtain a full executive level cab pass) will be offered a job as an executive driver at Mama Taxi Mobility or can move on to other market participants.

The Rikx investment will be used by Mama Foundation to train 10 ladies to become executive chauffeurs within its education program called: 'Driving Your Own Future'.

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  • 31-10-2021
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