30 people a job as parcel delivery drivers, textile makers or baristas

The Textile Makers Growth Factory Foundation is the base from which the guidance takes place. In 3 related businesses the participants are included as members of the team.
- Pakkethelden sends and delivers packages and mail in Rotterdam. We do this with electric carrier bicycles and a team that consists of people with and without distance to the labor market.
- Textielmakers is a sewing workshop. We sew, embroider and print textiles; from organic cotton to synthetic cloth, anything goes.
- We also provide healthy snacks and desserts through our kitchen. With a tuktuk we train people to be baristas and we are present at markets, congresses, parties and open days.

Project description

We guide 30 participants to sustainable employment. We search together with the participants for a place that suits them. That is why we also offer 3 types of activities. Because a place that suits you, keeps you going longer. And 'sustainable employment' is what we believe in. The environment in which someone works is decisive for job satisfaction and therefore for productivity. Changes in this environment have a detrimental effect. That is why we also work together with various schools. This allows us to certify skills and people can come back to us. The school provides the certification; we provide the training. We looked for work that you can start without training and that is focused on skills. The desire to learn is the deciding factor. We train participants so they know the basics and on-the-job we teach them the rest. There are many opportunities for growth in this.
In everything, we work with real turnover from real customers. We believe that you only really make a step into the labor market when you learn that there is a customer. Not just little projects for yourself, but a product or service that someone is waiting for.

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Textielmakers Groeifabriek

  • 01-10-2021
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